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Lady GaGa Talks New Tour
December 28, 2009, 9:18 AM
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She has always been known for her penchant for a crazy concert performance, and in a recent interview Lady GaGa discussed her aspirations for her new Monster Ball Tour.  ↓

The “Just Dance” diva explained that her goal is to change the lives of her audience. “No, it’s not a character, but what it is … it’s a devotion and a loyalty to the music, and preparing myself for the moment so that I may fully be free and fully give myself to the audience.”

“There’s so many things that we have to do.  We have to free our insecurities so that we can be strong and powerful; we have to be centered. Our throats have to be cleared so we can speak eloquently. My voice must be warmed up; my mind has to be rested and focused so that I don’t fall off the stage, or I don’t lean the wrong way.”

And GaGa says her show is a sort of process from start to finish.  “I’m evolving through time. As a fashion story, the clothing begins in the sort of warbly, blue amoebic state, with lots of light, and it’s kind of spacey, and then I grow bones, and then I grow hair, and then I grow horns, and then I become a sexy, full-bodied woman in a world full of war and military.  And then I become myself, by the end of the show, and it’s this sort of apocalyptic rebirth when I appear in the orbit and I’ve done it again.”

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