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July 24, 2010, 12:18 PM
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Disney has announces that B r e n d a S o n g will be the face of their advertising campaign for their cruise line division Disney Cruise Lines. Brenda will appear in a nationwide advertising campaign for Disney Cruise Lines which will include print ads, billboards and television commercials. The emphasis with these ads will not only be to promote Disney Cruise Lines, but also to make people aware of the environmental friendly nature of Disney’s fleet of cruise ships.

She will also be doing a video for Disney Cruise Lines called “Behind The Waves”that will be given to passengers that will give an inside look at the conservation program on the ship and also at Disney’s private island Pirates Cay. It will also include tips on how passengers can do their part to protect the environment.

The Senior Vice President of Operations for Disney Cruise Line, Tom Wolber, said about the partnership:

“We are excited to be able to share this inside look at some of the environmental programs we have in place on the ships and island. I hope that in learning about some of the efforts we’re supporting at sea, our guests will be inspired to look at actions they can take to conserve in their own lives. We’re also very excited to cooperate with Miss Song and cannot wait to unveil her campaigns in the fall.”

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