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Miley Cyrus says Breast Implants rumours ‘silly’
August 13, 2010, 3:59 PM
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We all know M i l e y C y r u s, the teenager who went from Disney’s princess to today’s raunchy pop star. There have been rumors circulating around that Miley Cyrus was thinking of getting breast implants. Several US magazines and gossip sites reported that Miley was thinking about a breast augmentation, with one even claiming she had already consulted a plastic surgeon and asked her parents to sign a consent form.

However, it appears the stories about Miley’s proposed super-sized chest are untrue. A rep from the singer told Gossip Cop, one of the more popular gossip websites that Miley has no plans to have a boob job and described the rumours as “silly”.

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hahah…yeah maybe she is telling the truth that she didn’t have any breast enlargement surgery

Comment by Ellen McAdams

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